Lesson 1 - For DSLR Cameras

The first thing any photographer must do is learn their camera.  Read your manual.  Search YouTube for beginner instructions on your equipment!




One of the most important settings is to decide what file format you want to shoot in.  The options are RAW or JPEG.  Jpeg files are compressed and the camera chooses how they are to appear.  RAW is data driven and much larger files and you choose how they are to appear by using software applications like Adobe Photoshop.


I highly recommend you shoot in RAW however if you are unable to acquire photo software, shooting in JPEG would be the only option.


Another important setting is your cameras white balance.  Since I use Adobe Photoshop, I can manipulate the white balance in software so I use the AUTOMATIC White Balance Setting and my cameras PRESETS however if you shoot in JPEG, you will have to understand how to use this setting.


Here is a video link so you can understand White Balance;





Sometimes I do manually set the Kalvin numbers on my camera however most of the time I shoot Automatic.