Hello and Welcome! This is my website hub to showcase my creativity. I enjoy photography, singing, songwriting, playing piano and guitar and well just creating stuff. I hope you take a look around and like some of it. :)

Just a little bit about me.  I am a retired gal, finally getting to do the things that I have always wanted to do.  I fell into an IT career  beginning as a keypunch operator and ending as a PC/LAN Support Tech.  For a highschool dropout I would say that wasn't to shabby however I wish I had the presence of mind and spirit to follow my hearts desire which would have been to become an artist.


I love creating music, writing songs and singing.  I started played guitar at 14 in Junior High School music class.  I also have a love of photography that began as a young teen.  As most people do, I started taking photographs with a point and shoot camera and then moved onto an SLR film camera.  Now I am in the digital world.  I shoot a Canon 7D Mii and I enjoy all types of photography especially shooting insects and soap bubbles.


I have also created a comic series called Other Worldly.  I use this series to examine our world and what we have become.


Born and raised in Connecticut I now live in Dayton Ohio.  I have 9 cats, 3 dogs and a neighborhood of squirrels, birds, rabbits and other critters that enjoy my home made critter munch!